The Ultimate Guide To Flirt Naughty With a Girl via SMS Text Messages


Today i only cover some questions about “SEXTING”

Maybe you already have heard the word, but couldn´t guess what it is!

Many people are asking me, What is “Sexting”

In a few words: Sexting is nothing else than sending naughty ( dirty) SMS Text Messages from Mobile to Mobile.

Mostly employed by Men, sending it to women.

Actually the word “Sexting” came up after the ” Key Lock Sequence “ was published.

To flirt with woman over “sexting” is simply the most popular way in 2012 and beyond.

Naughty text messages are excellent teasers to apply the texts included in the Key Lock Sequence.

Once you get the number from a girl you just met, you can go ahead an start texting her dirty little messages to make her horny, and wanting!  After a few texts from the Magnetic Messaging Program from Bobby Rio, all she can think of is to jump into the bed with you.

Also, if you are involved with a girl already, these messages keep the romance in a relationship alive.

Magnetic Messaging - 3 Texts to turn on women

Wouldnt it be boring if lovers only exchanged straightforward or poetic love notes? A little flirty or naughty text titillates natural instincts and revs up spirits. It helps make relationships more colorful. It can also lighten up the moods of a couple after a tiring day.

It is not necessarily a dirty message. It can just be an expression of longing, like wanting to embrace or give the significant other a massage to be relieved of stress.

Cant figure what you want to say or how to say it?

Discover how pre-fab magnetic text messages can help get your message across.

The last of many other installments, this set of Magnetic Text Messages contains a brief list of all  categories needed to be successful by texting dirty little messages to women.

The general humdrum of Bobby Rio´s unique collections of Texts that guys send out as messages to get the hottest chicks.

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She'll Be Begging For A Date... With These Messages