The Ultimate Guide To Flirt Naughty With a Girl via SMS Text Messages


Today i only cover some questions about “SEXTING”

Maybe you already have heard the word, but couldn´t guess what it is!

Many people are asking me, What is “Sexting”

In a few words: Sexting is nothing else than sending naughty ( dirty) SMS Text Messages from Mobile to Mobile.

Mostly employed by Men, sending it to women.

Actually the word “Sexting” came up after the ” Key Lock Sequence “ was published.

To flirt with woman over “sexting” is simply the most popular way in 2012 and beyond.

Magnetic Messaging - 3 Texts to turn on women

Naughty text messages are excellent teasers to apply the texts included in the Key Lock Sequence.

Once you get the number from a girl you just met, you can go ahead an start texting her dirty little messages to make her horny, and wanting!  After a few texts from the Magnetic Messaging Program from Bobby Rio, all she can think of is to jump into the bed with you.

Also, if you are involved with a girl already, these messages keep the romance in a relationship alive.

Wouldnt it be boring if lovers only exchanged straightforward or poetic love notes? A little flirty or naughty text titillates natural instincts and revs up spirits. It helps make relationships more colorful. It can also lighten up the moods of a couple after a tiring day.

It is not necessarily a dirty message. It can just be an expression of longing, like wanting to embrace or give the significant other a massage to be relieved of stress.

Cant figure what you want to say or how to say it?

Discover how pre-fab magnetic text messages can help get your message across.

The last of many other installments, this set of Magnetic Text Messages contains a brief list of all  categories needed to be successful by texting dirty little messages to women.

The general humdrum of Bobby Rio´s unique collections of Texts that guys send out as messages to get the hottest chicks.

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