The Best Magnetic Messaging Tips

The 3 Best Tips On How To Talk Dirty To A Girl Over Text Messages

“Magnetic Texting” on your cell phone or mobile phone has become one of the easiest way to contact one another. One of the best things about magnetic text messaging is the privacy as long as no one actually sees what is received. It can be quite fun and enjoyable.

Learn how to text to girls you just met with these dirty text message ideas!!!

The Best Magnetic Messaging TipsSometimes it can be pretty hard to express ourselves to our partners in new and exciting ways. With our busy lives the time spent with one another can be very limited. Our daily work routines start to become very boring. There will be a point where it seems like there is no excitement in your life. Catch him off by surprise and send him a nice dirty text message.

Something as simple as Guess what Im wearing? can really spice up your sex life. Before I release several different dirty text message ideas, you have to understand something. Studies have shown that most women have admitted that they have no idea what they would want to say to their lover in bed. They have absolutely no idea about what they even want to hear themselves. But, this does not just apply to women. This same study was done on men and they results were very identical. Men have no idea what they want to say to your either or what they want to hear.

After a survey of several married and newly dating couples of dirty text messaging, these are the top 3 tips to sending dirty text messages:

Magnetic Messaging - 3 Texts to turn on women

1) Be yourself text what you think he would like to hear. You know her best, so youll know exactly what she wants to hear. For instance, text him
2) Play on words For example, if she says something that is common you can turn these phrases into something sexual. If for instance you guys began to talk about eating you can reply
3) Simple and short leave her hanging for more. If you send a simple short text message such as I am very lonely and playing Something like this is very odd and she definitely will be thinking about what youre doing. From there, let your instincts take over.

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Learn the Art of Dirty Text Messages, Dirty Talk, and phrases to pick up any girl by just sending a few SMS messages to her phone.

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