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Girl situation with texting, calling, setting up date?

I met this girl online. She’s sweet and she seemed interesting in me (asking me to talk more about myself and calling me sweet).
I was trying to set up a date with her this weekend, but she told me one of her relatives passed away. I said I’ll give her her space and that she can let me know when she wanted to go out.

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From there on, we texted a bit but she stopped. I figured that she needed her space so I didn’t text back for awhile. Later that night, I decided to call her to see how she was doing and if she needed some comforting. She didn’t pick up and I left her a message.

I know she checked her phone because she is all over instagram and other apps, but I figured a new guy is the least of her problems.
She texted me in the morning saying she thought I was sweet (kinda overusing it?) and is flying to a different state for a couple of days, which means the date over the weekend may be hard. But I don’t want to constantly ask her about the date.

What should I do? Move on or tread carefully? Or just let her know I don’t want to play games and come out strong?

I don’t want to keep texting her, I want to actually call her and meet her up in person. But I think she is just comfortable with texting
I also do not want to seem overbearing with all that’s going on in her life, but then again, I don’t want to end up in the FRIENDZONE because it seems like she gets a lot of guys so I want to stand out. But I can’t do that over texting…

Any Advice?


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