99 best Texts

Send Her These 3 Texts to Turn Her On (and get her out)

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How to ask a girl out using the Key Lock Sequence,  how to  avoid the 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes and how to seduce any woman you want with your phone!

Magnetic Messaging - Infatuation Formula

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99 best Texts

If you got the number of a girl in your phone that you’re trying to get out on a date, a female friend you’re trying to seduce, maybe a woman you’re watching slip through your fingers, or you’re just sick of getting phone numbers that don’t go anywhere…

Now just relax, and watch this video as soon as you can.

This is the answer to all your problems with girls. Never ever again worries how to get things going, and the best part, done with your phone. Actually it´s that easy, you´ll wonder why you didn´t think of things like that before.


Anyway, the video is  by my friend Bobby Rio and he basically destroys all the common misperceptions about “attraction” and has figured how to use three simple text messages to turn a woman and get her out on a date.
He calls it “The Key Lock Sequence” and he shows you exactly how to use it in his video. If things with women seem to keep “fizzling out” before you can make a real connection…


Or if your tired of getting one word replies from women… (or feel like women look at you like a “text buddy and NOT a potential sexual partner you have to watch his video right now.


On the next page, Bobby explains how with just “3 texts” you rapidly turn things around with a woman.


She'll Be Begging For A Date... With These Messages