99 best Texts

Send Her These 3 Texts to Turn Her On (and get her out)

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Magnetic Messaging - Infatuation Formula

Key Lock Sequence – 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes (what NOT to text girls)


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If you got a woman in your phone that

you’re trying to get out on a date…

99 best Texts

– or a female friend you’re trying to



– Or a woman you’re watching slip through

your fingers…


– Or you’re just sick of getting phone numbers

that don’t go anywhere…


Get comfortable, and watch this video as soon

as you can:




It’s by my friend Bobby Rio and he basically

destroys all the common misperceptions about



And has figured how to use three simple text

messages to turn a woman and get her out on

a date…


He calls it “The Key Lock Sequence” and he

shows you exactly how to use it in this video:




If things with women seem to keep “fizzling out”

before you can make a real connection…


Or if your tired of getting one word replies

from women…


(or feel like women look at you like a “text buddy”

and NOT a potential sexual partner you have to

watch this video right now…




Take care,




P.S.  Bobby explains how with just “3 texts” you rapidly turn things around with a woman

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Magnetic Messaging - The Key Lock Sequence by Bobby Rio

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