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Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio

Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio

Magnetic Messaging - Download the Key Lock Sequence

Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio a step- by-step system that will show you show to craft “Magnetic” Text Messages to quickly engage, connect with, and turn on a woman. Magnetic Messaging is jam packed with comprehensive instructions and word for word samples of exactly what to send.

There is no denying the huge role text messages play in the modern dating environment. It is the number one form of communication for the 18-25 demographic. Magnetic Messaging aims provide answers for men wondering how to text girls, how to turn phone numbers into dates, and how to keep attraction alive with the push of a button.

The ebook, co-created by dating coaches Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, came after their students basically demanded the knowledge.

“Most men are simply lost when it comes to using their phones effectively,” says Bobby Rio. “It got to the point where 75% of our coaching calls revolved around the topic of texting women.”

Magnetic Messaging focuses on core elements men struggle with the most. Some of the topics that are covered in the ebook are: text flirting, how often to text a girl, what types of messages to send, how long to wait to respond to a text, what types of pictures to send, and much more.

All Because You Will Be Using A Very Specific Sequence Of Magnetic Texts Called:
The Dangerous Myth of Attraction
What’s Really Preventing You From Closing the Deal and Getting More Women Back to Your Bedroom…
So what is the dangerous myth of attraction preventing you from getting women out on dates, getting the kiss, closing the deal, and getting her back to your bedroom?
The dangerous myth is that: attraction is black or white
That a woman either wants you or she doesn’t
She’s attracted to you or she’s not
She would sleep with you or she wouldn’t
Now that’s NOT how attraction works.

Attraction is NOT Black or White
This means that a woman’s opinion of you can change by the year, month, week, day…. Even by the hour…
Now this comes with good news and bad news…
Let’s start with the good news…
The good news is that even if you didn’t make a stellar first impression you can still win her over and get her wanting you…
Even if you’re not her “type” or she only sees you as a “friend”…
Even if you’ve sent her a horribly embarrassing text…
And even if she’s dating someone else and acts like you don’t even exist…
In a few minutes i’m going to teach you how three simple texts can change all that..
But first, I’ve got to give you some bad news…
Just because a girl has given you her number, told you to call her, or has even been out on a date with you… Does not automatically mean you will ever see her again….
When she handed you her number she did not sign a “social contract” agreeing to go out with you… It just means she was interested or attracted enough at the moment to give

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