How Magnetic Text Messages Can Make Her Hot

Hot Text SMS´s are a great way you can use technology to help your dating. Technology has increased the ways that you can attract any woman and make them horny. You can make her horny over email. You can make her horny with a dirty text message. No longer do we have to physically meet women. We can meet them over the internet, through friends, or out at different events.


Usually dating these days involves using some technology. It’s very rare that you’re going to meet a woman and then date her and have sex without your phone, internet, or other forms of communication playing a key role. In this modern age, texting has become a normal part of everyday living.

The one thing I want to encourage you to do from this article, and this is just a very simple piece of advice, is become a lot more willing to take risks and be more daring with your text messages.

Magnetic Messaging - 3 Texts to turn on women

First of all, what you need to do is be very blunt and upfront. To get a woman horny with a dirty is a slow process. To begin by telling women you want to have sex with them right away will most likely lose her at the get go. She doesn’t want to be known as some sort of slut right off the bat. Tell them that you like them.

Who doesn’t want to hear that?

Build up to it with small talk. Then start telling them that you’re going to do naughty things to them. That will build up some exciting expectation. Be prepared, though, because with some women, you might get a negative response. They just might not be ready for this kind of talk, yet. What I really want you to learn is how many women do love this.

Many women really like you talking to them this way, and for many women, it really turns them on. How many women actually long for you to make her horny over text? You’ll find out for yourself.

You’ll be surprised how much woman love to dirty text and what they will text back to you. She will often love to send you sexy, naked photos or wild videos, and you can actually use technology in your favor, when it comes to dating and making women horny. One of the best things you can do to get great with women is find men who are naturals with women and get them to teach you.

Your Mission for this Week:

  • Find 3 “naturals” (men who are just good with women) and have them give you advice this week.
  • Study men who actually have sex with lots of women and figure out how they do it.
  • Find out why at the moment you are not having success with the women you want.
  • Have a “natural” improve your technique in some aspect of the game.
  • Make really good friends with a “natural.”

I know for myself, I found it very surprising that when I was very sexually honest and blunt with women,  they seemed to really like it and wanted to hear more. I want to encourage you in this article to push the limits a little bit. Talk dirty. Take some risks. Go really wild in your text messages, as much as possible, and see if this doesn’t open you up to a whole new level of sex and wildness. No harm in trying.

To get more experience and confidence with women learn this one simple trick that just WORKS. Sometimes we don’t even know exactly why something works, it just does.

Follow this link and watch the video, this is one of those things!

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