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Brand New Approach to Texting Techniques – People are using Magnetic Messaging Now

There are many challenges to dating in the era of electronics. Single men now find it much harder, ever since the advent of text messaging and cell phones, to attract the attention of a lady. Getting the attention of a woman, much less getting her to agree to go out with them is a very tough proposition. The good news is that there is a brand-new way of keeping the woman’s interest going until you get to first base and beyond. This brand-new method, Magnetic Messaging, is outlined in detail in an e-book which provides you with a proven and successful system.

Key Lock Sequence - Magnetic Messages limited Time Bonus downloadYou will be shown a three-step, simple to follow method which uses text messaging to first grab the interest of someone you are interested in, then show you how to create a bond with her and lastly, suggest in her own mind that she is going to fulfill your desire of spending an incredible night with her. Once the idea has taken hold, she will ponder it and begin to want it more and more until it happens.

For your initial message to her, you will want to appeal to her emotional side, but you will need to make sure that it is both believable and comes from your heart. You will want to text her something to show that you are both a caring and sensitive man. Some ideas might be a sick or injured friend or animal or even a baby who is crying. You will be opening an emotional door that may close quickly, so you must hurry.

Your second text will create a connection with the girl, which will help you bond with her. This must be a personal message. This will be something which is important to her. You will bond together through something that you both have in common. If you know her passions, this will be much simpler. When you have made the connection and the bond is firmly in place, the idea is that you are trying to get her to believe that her relationship with you is more than just a friend. Or if it’s not, that it should be.

Magnetic Messaging - 3 Texts to turn on women

What you want for your third message is to allow the germination of the idea of having a fantastic meeting with you. The window for this opportunity is small, so once everything is set, you will want to create the desire for you in her. The message that you will be sending should be personalized with meanings which are hidden with the end result of getting her to ponder what it would be like to go on a date with you. There are many ways you can say this, but it needs to be heartfelt and personal.

The Key Lock Sequence, detailed in this Magnetic Messaging e-book, is a three-step text messaging method that works and has helped many guys open previously closed doors that have led to extraordinary dates and relationships that they never could have thought of on their own. One guy, writing online in a recent Magnetic Message review describes how, by using this simple texting system, was able to get several ladies drawn to him. They were all calling him, hoping to initiate an intimate meeting after he had sent just three easy messages to them. The three text messages, and especially the way they are presented, is the secret. This method works. If you want to discover how, check out reviews about Magnetic Messaging online today.