The Hardest Part For Men Is to Write The Perfect Magnetic Text Message

For men, writing the perfect text message is hardest

Typing the perfect text to a woman they want to woo, can be a puzzling and infuriating task for men, according to a new survey.

In a recent survey conducted by TSB Magazine, a majority of participants agreed that writing a message containing ‘just-the-thing’ was more of an issue than approaching a woman in the first place, the Daily Mail reported. TSB Magazine, a website that provides sex and dating advice for men, presented readers a list of traditionally confusing aspects of dating.

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Magnetic messaging: Dating Guide – How To Get A Date With A Girl You Just Met

Magnetic-Messaging – Dating Guide – How To Get A Date, Girl, Woman Via Key Sequence SMS Text Messages

Magnetic Messaging is a Guy’s Dating Guide and a must read eBook for any man who dreams about a woman of his desire but thinks he can not have her. Three easy SMS text message strategies will turn a woman on, capture her attention, pump her full of curiosity, intrugue and get out on a date… Untill she’s picking up her phone and thumbling in a message.

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